Drivers of the Freightliner XC and Magnum motorhome chassis often experience steering play and wander. The steering play can be attributed to the bell crank, or idler, which supports the steering linkage. Original equipment designs uses common sleeve bushings that often bind and wear out prematurely and cannot be adjusted for side play.

The SuperSteer SS100 bell crank for Freightliner XC and Magnum chassis with an I beam front axle helps improve steering response and reduces steering play. SuperSteer’s SS100 bell crank for the Freightliner XC and Magnum chassis utilizes tapered roller bearings, which are far better at carrying load than the factory sleeve bushings. The bell cranks turn freely without any binding and can be adjusted to achieve smooth and precise movement.

Designed as a direct replacement for the original part, the SuperSteer SS100 bell crank features a rugged investment cast aluminum housing and a steel spindle. It’s made in the USA and comes with all necessary mounting hardware

SuperSteer SS100 Bell Crank Features

  • Improves chassis returnability
  • Rugged high-strength casting, steel spindle and tapered roller bearings
  • Reduces steering road wander and rut tracking
  • Helps to eliminate steering play - extends tire life
  • Bolt-in replacement for the original component
  • Lifetime warranty to the original owner


SuperSteer SS100 Bell Crank Compatibility

  • Freightliner XC Motorhome/RV Chassis
  • Magnum Motorhome/RV Chassis